James Brooksby, CEO

Before founding Edge Case games, James founded Born Ready and doublesix games, where he built up the studio from 7 staff to over 30, releasing many products to market while creating true long tail marketing and product support for its self-published titles. At doublesix James was primarily responsible for strategy, production, and business development and marketing.

Prior to doublesix James was the studio head of Kuju Surrey, a studio of over 50 people developing video games on a work for hire basis for major games publishers. James began his association with Kuju when it was called Simis, joining as a Junior Artist after studying Business, Electronics and Computing to Masters degree level. However, after being recognised by the management, he was quickly in charge of the art team and within 6 months was in charge of the team he joined as the team leader. Within a year he was given the leadership of the company’s most important new project and its largest team at that time. In the following years, James was an important part of the company’s strategy, business development and project innovations, working with a wide variety of games on multiple platforms, in multiple genres. He rose through the ranks as the company grew to join its studio management team.

James regularly talks at industry events and conferences about experiences in the digital distribution industry, and has been applauded for his open and honest talks on successful long tail production and marketing of games and is working to improve the games industry for all, forging links with Universities and working with the industry trade bodies, most recently to create UK tax credits.

James is CEO of Edge Case Games, pushing the company to fulfil its strategy of becoming a major industry success at the forefront of video games.