Jim Mummery, CCO

Before Edge Case Games, Jim founded and was Creative Director of doublesix games. There he was responsible for leading doublesix’s breakout hit: Burn Zombie Burn!, winning the South Park XBLA game project (Let’s Go Tower Defence Play!) as well as Top Gun “2010”, All Zombies Must Die and Strike Suit Zero.

Jim started at Argonaut in 1994 as a designer and worked on many titles including: Vortex (SNES), Creature Shock (PC, CDi, Saturn), Alien Odyssey (PC), FX Fighter and Alien Resurrection (PS1). After five years at Argonaut, a successful side-line in screenwriting (including the award-winning feature Understanding Jane) forced a move into freelance work for both film and video games. During this time he worked on several commissioned film scripts, TV projects for Channel 4 and the BBC, comics as well as doing freelance work on games such as Fireblade (for Kuju) and Stolen (for Blue52). In 1995, Jim then returned to games full-time and joined Kuju as a Senior Designer, working on the Network game for Dark Messiah of Might and Magic, Dungeons and Dragons Tactics and BAFTA nominee Geometry Wars: Galaxies.

Jim is one of the founders of Born Ready Games and now Edge Case Games, and its Creative Director. He is passionate about creating fun and a quality experience for his games players.