Mark Sinclair, CTO

Mark comes to Edge Case Games via Born Ready Games, doublesix and previously Kuju. Mark is an original coder; he started out coding “back in the day” when you bought magazines and typed the code to produce games yourself. After graduating from Aston University with a degree in Computer Science, he joined the games industry. He produced many games, and was lead coder on many titles;vApache Longbow, Hind on the Apple Mac. Lead Programmer on F16 Fighting Falcon on the PC. He also worked at Climax, as Lead Programmer on Battlezone: Rise of the Black Dogs on the Nintendo 64.

He joined Kuju where his can do attitude and speed also meant that he was quickly seconded on to various projects that would not have survived without his input. He has worked on varied titles such as Battalion Wars on the Gamecube, Network game for Dark Messiah: Might and Magic on the PC, using the Half life 2 Source engine. Network coder for Dungeons and Dragons on PSP. Lead on Burn Zombie Burn on PSN, Nucleus Plus, South Park lets go tower defence play, Top Gun “2010”, All Zombies Must Die and Strike Suit Zero.

His experience and management skills as Technical Director at doublesix means he is the best person to take forward Edge Case Games technically and technologically. Mark works well with James Brooksby and their professional relationship meant that Born Ready Games was off to a good start with strong management.