Policy for Video Content Creators

We are fully supporting our players who are creating content based on Fractured Space. To help you create legit Fractured Space related video content please follow these guidelines:

Monetizing ads – You may run ads or other revenue generating streams via the YouTube Partner Program or similar programs on other video sharing sites.

Non-Commercial Use – Use of Fractured Space content in videos must be for non-commercial use without prior written consent from Edge Case Games. This means you cannot charge users to view or access your Fractured Space related videos. You also can’t sell or license any Fractured Space videos to others for payment of any kind.

Fractured Space and Edge Case Games logos – Do not use the Fractured Space and Edge Case Games logos without our express written consent.

Respect other creators – Other than Fractured Space content, please don’t include content that’s not your original creation unless you have permission from the creator.

If you have any questions in regard to this policy, please contact us.

Last but not least, we love to see what our community is doing with our game – give us a shout if you publish a video on the game.